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Amy’s horror of abuse on Coronation Street “sealed” when fans spotted Jacob’s gift badge

Amy and Jacob Corey

Coronation Street viewers predicted that the relationship between Amy and former drug dealer Jacob would turn into a nightmare of abuse.

The couple (played by El Malvani and Jack James Ryan) have reunited together in the latest ITV soap operas, and their romance is flourishing.

But some fans think their love story may follow the course of Jeff and Jasmine’s relationship and take an abusive turn.

One person wrote on Reddit that Jacob would “love the bomb” of Amy and that then things would start to change between them.

“Viewers really believe that he has changed, maybe even forget about his past,” – wrote a fan of soap.

Amy and Jacob are the subject

“Then manipulative and insulting behavior will slowly and confidently creep up. Sorry, but how psychopathic he was when he laughed at his mother, who mourns their dead little boy (Amy’s half-brother!), Means it’s impossible to redeem him.

“He’s mean, and I think he’s hiding his meanness to lure Amy.”

“I hope they don’t do that to Amy,” said another, while one cobblestone fan predicted that Amy might actually be mistreating Jacob.

Amy and Jacob Corey
Is their relationship going bad?

However, one viewer said it was “too early for another story with coercive control” after Jeff Metcalfe led a long campaign of abuse against his frightened wife Jasmine until she stabbed him.

Another agreed: “I think they really work with“ people can change ”for this story, like it or combine.

“And personally, I think I like it, or at least prefer this other plot of abuse – lately we’ve had enough of this kind of suffering on the show.”

Amy and Jacob Corey
Some fans believe it is too early for the next storyline abuse

“I hope not,” said another spectator.

“Another storyline with forced control would be the worst thing for Cory.”

Fans will have to wait and see if Amy will be able to get under the control of her shady new boyfriend.

Corrie goes out on weekdays at 8pm on ITV.

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