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Deputies will receive a salary increase of 2,200 pounds from April after Boris Johnson called for “restraint” | Politics news

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Deputies will receive a salary increase this year by more than 2,000 pounds, announced the parliamentary body for the revision of salaries.

Deputies will receive 2,212 pounds more than a year from April 1, increasing their salaries by 2.7% from 81,932 pounds to 84,144 pounds, the Independent Office for Parliamentary Standards (IPSA) announced.

IPSA establishes the payment of deputies independently of parliament and government.

It says that the increase in wages is the same as the average increase in wages of public sector employees last year.

Due to the pandemic, the salaries of deputies have not changed over the past two years.

Boris Johnson in January called on IPSA to show “restraint” in setting the salaries of deputies and suggested that wages remain the same, as he cited the pressure on the cost of living experienced by families across the country.

A spokesman for Mr Johnson at the time urged IPSA not to recommend big growth.

Sir Keir Starmer also said MPs should not raise salariessaying that all parliamentarians should say that “we do not need this salary increase, and it should not continue” this year.

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