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Wales and Scotland are moving to ease some of Covid’s restrictions

Wales and Scotland are moving to ease some of Covid’s restrictions

Wales and Scotland, which are setting their own health policies in Britain, said Monday they were easing some pandemic rules, though neither went as far as England last week.

Wales has abolished the mandate for masks for some closed public places such as cinemas, theaters and gyms, although it has retained the requirement to wear them in retail stores, on public transport and in medical facilities.

“Thanks to the hard work of each and all their victims, coronavirus cases are falling across Wales,” said the region’s first minister, Mark Drakeford. statement. “Now is the time to ease the general requirement to wear a face mask in many public places indoors.”

Wales has also abolished the mandate for masks for students in classrooms, although it has said high school students should continue to wear them in public.

The Welsh government has said that if “public health conditions continue to improve”, the rest of the mask rules in the region could be repealed by the end of March. Mr Drakeford is expected to speak on the subject later this week.

Scotland said Monday that people will no longer need to provide evidence of vaccination to enter nightclubs and some other closed public places. The Scottish government has said the remaining restrictions will be lifted by March 21, unless the number of new cases increases.

Saying it’s time to learn to live with the coronavirus, Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced last week that it cancels all The rest of the legal restrictions of England and the cessation of free coronavirus testing in the country. His move came the day after it was announced Queen Elizabeth II had a positive virus test and experienced symptoms.

In total, the UK reported an average of 28,430 new cases of coronavirus per day in the last week, according to New York Times database, with both new cases and overall mortality declining. Regionally, relative to their population, Scotland reported the highest transmission, approximately 109 cases per 100,000 population; Next was Northern Ireland with 95. The figures for England and Wales were much lower, with around 36 new cases per 100,000 in England and 25 in Wales.

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