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Invasion of Ukraine: Boris Johnson Accused Putin of “War Crimes” After Deputies Rare Applause in Ukrainian Ambassador’s Campaign | Politics news

 Invasion of Ukraine: Boris Johnson Accused Putin of

Boris Johnson accused Vladimir Putin of committing a “war crime” when he spoke at a PMQ meeting preceded by applause for Ukraine’s ambassador.

When the Russian president’s attempt to invade Ukraine began on the seventh day, Johnson condemned Putin’s “disgusting attack” on his country’s neighbor.

“What we have already seen from Vladimir Putin’s regime – using ammunition that they have already dropped on innocent citizens – in my opinion, already fully qualifies as a war crime,” he said.

“I know the Interior Ministry [International Criminal Court] the prosecutor is already conducting an investigation, and I am sure that the whole chamber will support it. “

Deputies stand to applaud the Ambassador of Ukraine

At the start of the PMQ on Wednesday, the entire House of Commons stood to applaud Vadim Pristaik, Ukraine’s ambassador to the UK, as he sat in a gallery to watch the process.

Addressing Mr Pristaik after the deputies stopped the applause, the Speaker of the House of Representatives Sir Lindsey Hoyle noted – with laughter – that the deputies “usually do not allow applause in the hall”.

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“But I think that in this regard, the House rightly wants to show our respect and support for your country and its people at this difficult time,” added Sir Lindsay.

In his opening remarks, Johnson said Putin had “seriously miscalculated” in his “disgusting attack” on Ukraine.

“He underestimated the extraordinary resilience of the Ukrainian people, as well as the unity and determination of the free world in opposing its barbarism,” said the Prime Minister.

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