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Here are the key companies that left Russia this week Business news

 Here are the key companies that left Russia this week  Business news

The response to Russia’s invasion of Ukraine was swift and devastating.

Companies, governments and individuals have imposed sanctions and severed ties with the country in a way that surprised many veteran observers.

For example, few expected countries to unite in banning Russia from the SWIFT digital messaging system used by financial institutions around the world.

But it may take the average Russian a few months before they truly experience the full weight of economic sanctions or the effects of oil giants such as Shell and BP coming out of joint ventures.

The most immediate thing they are likely to feel is the disappearance of consumer companies.

Brands not wanting to sit on the fence have banded together to condemn the country and suspend their services in Russia until further notice.

Here we have summarized some of the largest companies that came out of Russia this week:


Microsoft said it was “Horrified” by the situation in Ukraineand suspend all new sales of its products and services in Russia.

Apple stopped selling products and restricted Apple Pay Russia has disabled Apple Maps in Ukraine and removed Russian state media from the App Store.

Dell suspended product sales.

Electronic Artswhich makes hit games such as FIFA 22 and Battlefield, has stopped selling content, games and virtual currency in Russia and Belarus.


Sainsbury stated that remove all products that are 100% shipped from Russia, including vodka “Russian Standard”.

Mangawhich employs 800 people in Russia, said it would temporarily close its stores and its online platform.

Ikea has closed 17 of its stores in Russiawhich is the 10th largest retail market of the Swedish company, and has suspended supplies of materials from Russia and Belarus.

H&Mthe second largest clothing retailer in the world, suspended all its sales in Russia and also temporarily closed all its branches in Ukraine due to security concerns.

Burberry has stopped sending products to Russia, but two of its flagship stores are still open.

Hermes temporarily closed its stores in Russia, the first luxury giant to do so.

Nike has stopped accepting online orders for Russian customers as payment processing becomes more difficult with the imposition of sanctions, but its stores remain open.


Netflix temporarily suspended all future film and television projects and acquisitions in Russia, and challenges the government’s call to add government information channels to its service.

Airbnb has suspended all operations in Russia and Belarus, which exceeds 90,000 active short-term leases in Russia.

Spotify “Indefinitely” closed its Russian offices and removed state-supported media content from its platform.

Machines and aircraft

Mercedes-Benz Group stopped selling cars and minibuses in Russia.

Harley-Davidson suspended the shipment of motorcycles to Russia, saying he thought about the “security of the people of Ukraine.”

BMW stopped exporting cars to Russia and said it would stop production there on land.

Airbus promised to stop supporting the Russian aviation industry, where it serves aircraft used by the country’s major commercial airlines.

Boeing said it would suspend parts, maintenance and technical support for Russia.

Who stayed?

Among the largest brands that have not yet ceased operations in the country McDonald’s, Coca-Colaand Pepsi.

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