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Sam Fender plans to celebrate future success with Paul Gascoigne, “the beautiful Jordi.”

Sam Fender

NME Awards Champion Sam Fender wants to celebrate his future success with the best Jordi – Paul Gascoigne.

North Shields hero Sam received the famous award in the charts of the famous Jordis for his first two albums №1 in the form of Alan Shearer, then Ant And Dec.

Asked who he might get next when the third album reaches the top, Sam said in a WIRED Daily Star column: “Gaza would be great to be the next Jordi to tell me I’ve become number one.

“The other Jords who would have been great were Sting or Brian Ferry.

“But Gaza would be final.”

In 1990, Gaza had its own success in the charts, when its cover of the song by Newcastle rockers Lindisfarne Fog On The Tyne took 2nd place.

NME Awards Champion Sam Fender Wants to Celebrate His Future Success with Supreme Jordi – Paul Gascoigne

Sam made a cover of the Christmas tune Lindisfarne Winter Song in 2020 and revealed: “I would like to record another cover of Lindisfarne from Gazza.

“I don’t know how to do Fog On The Tyne, but if there was Gaza, I’d probably go for it.”

On Wednesday night Sam took home both the best album in the UK and the best album in the world at the NME Awards in London and wants to enjoy his success more this year.

Paul Gascoigne
The singer would like football legend and colleague Jordi Paul Gascoigne to give him his next gong

He added: “My personal ambition for 2022 was to really enjoy what was happening.

“It’s very easy to be depressed by all this.

“This album is harder to accept than my first record because it got bigger, incredibly fast.

“I have risen to another level and now I feel on another level.

“It’s completely different.

“But I just need to take a moment, try to be present in it and just enjoy it.”

Sam Fender
Recently, Sam celebrated his BRIT Award with a magnificent party

Recently, Sam celebrated his BRIT Award with a magnificent party.

He won a gong for best rock / alternative act after an incredibly impressive job in the music industry.

After the news that there was no official label after the parties, Sam decided to make his own as he entertained his friends.

Sources told the Daily Star at the time that a huge order for Gregs had been loaded into Sam’s bus party, which was filled with several celebrities and taken to a secret location after the party.

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