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Sean Walsh says “people overdid it” on his stern kiss with professional dancer Katya Jones

Sean Walsh

Sean Walsh relaxed with a dance professional Katya Jones while they were paired together on Strictly come to dance.

The 36-year-old joker took to Twitter publish a trailer for his new comedy show, which will be released later this month and is called “The Kiss”.

The comedian then posted a video on Twitter with the caption, “Remember when I was on this dance show? Sean Walsh • Kiss • March 27 • YouTube ».

The comedian’s career was left in shambles when he appeared on Strictly in 2018 after he was filmed kissing 32-year-old pro-dancer Katya Jones.

In October of that year, Sean and Katya were caught kissing in the street near a London pub.

Sean Walsh says “everyone overdid it” for a kiss with Katya Jones

In the trailer for the comedy show, Sean shows a series of scathing reviews and tweets aimed at him from the moment he squeezed in with a professional dancer, when they were both in a long-term relationship.

Among the quotes was one: “I would like to live the rest of my life without thinking about him and his wandering wand.”

He also posted a series of tweets, one of which read: “Sean Walsh may well be the funniest savage to ever live.”

Sean Walsh
At the time, Sean and Katya were in a relationship

Another says, “Anyone who feels the need to insert an extra letter at the end of their name is usually a board.”

The video then moves on to the fact that Sean occupies a central place where he says, “Three years since Strictly Come Dancing. I think I can say that now.

Back in 2018, the kiss sparked media outrage for weeks as Katya was married to fellow professional Neil Jones and Sean was also in a long-term relationship with actress Rebecca Humphries.

As the dreaded Strictly Curse got into a spectacular look, the comedian quickly disappeared with the audience, and many forgave him.

Sean Walsh
Comedian has released a trailer for his new show called “Kiss”

Strict bosses even intervened after the kiss to try to dispel the situation by changing their next dance routine to something less sexy.

In 2020, Katya said she had cut off contact with Sean.

Then she said, “What happened happened. I don’t need to make excuses. This is my life, my business.

“It made me understand who I am, what I’m made of.”

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