Home Uncategorized A horror tornado killed six people after destroying homes and power lines

A horror tornado killed six people after destroying homes and power lines

A horror tornado killed six people after destroying homes and power lines

At least six people were killed and four were injured in a tornado that struck rural areas.

The terrible storm near Des Moines in Iowa, USA, was caused by urgent warnings for residents who are immediately seeking refuge in the area.

A major search and rescue response continued near the city of Winterset at 21:00 local time (3:00 British time) after a huge twister crashed on land earlier in the evening.

Houses and power lines could be seen destroyed and scattered on roads and fields after the storm.

The number of reported deaths continues to rise late in the evening, with two of the six reportedly being children.

People in the area described how suddenly the strange weather approached, which was accompanied by such a loud sound that it exploded in my ears.

One of the survivors told local WHO TV: “It was the worst thing I have ever felt. Our ears started to hit, it sounded like a vacuum. “

The photo shows a wide tornado throwing a dark silhouette on the field as it moves through the countryside.

Statement from the US National The weather The Des Moines service wrote: “Initial interrogation of photos and videos from the vicinity of Winterset shows that at least the EF3 tornado was damaged on Saturday night.”

“NWS survey teams will come out on Sunday to thoroughly investigate the damage and further assess the potential rating.”

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