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Corey star Tina O’Brien “smashed former Ryan Thomas’ car with a baseball bat” during quarrel

Ryan Thomas

Coronation Street Star Tina O’Brien has been accused of smashing the car of her former Ryan Thomas in a hot row at 1 p.m.

The ITV The soap stars met for six years until they broke up in 2009, and they even played on-screen couple Sarah Platt and Jason Grimshaw.

However, sources now claim that Tina attacked Ryan’s Range Rover at 1am last Sunday (February 27th) when a heated quarrel took a horrific turn.

Apparently, Ryan’s Range Rover broke the mirror, and the paintwork was left scratched during the dramatic dispute.

Ryan claimed 38-year-old Tina was to blame for his broken Range Rover.

Ryan’s Range Rover allegedly had a broken mirror and a scratched paintwork

A source told The Sun: “Ryan and Tina have a shaky relationship. They are not on good terms and this tension has boiled over.

“Tina, who was at a friend’s party, went outside to meet him when he drove up. Shortly afterwards, his car was damaged by a baseball bat.

“It was a pretty disturbing incident and Ryan drove off as best he could. They haven’t spoken since, and Ryan is furious. “

It is believed that 37-year-old Ryan drove his car for repairs the next day.

Thomas is expecting his second child from reality star Lucy Mecklenburg.

A source allegedly close to Ryan said Tina and Ryan hardly spoke to each other, and the incident “detached” the “fragile threat” on which their relationship hung.

Tina O'Brien
Tina and Ryan played screen lovers Sarah and Jason, but they also met for six years in real life

Tina is now married to her husband Adam Crofts after falling in love with him in 2016.

Tina and Ryan first met in 2003 – after her affair ended with actor Corey Bruno Langley.

At the time, Tina said, “We will be together forever, fingers crossed. I don’t see myself with anyone else. “

The couple divorced in 2009, and Tina claimed that Ryan told her he no longer loved her.

The star said, “He said he didn’t love me anymore. Those were his words. I was devastated.”

Ryan Thomas
Ryan and Tina broke up in 2009

Tina married Adam at a New Year’s Eve ceremony in 2018, and they even invited Ryan to the wedding.

The couple became friends despite a failed affair.

Ryan met his fiancée Lucy when they took part in the celebrity island of Bear Grylls – a grueling survival show.

They announced their engagement in 2019, and in March of the following year gave birth to a son, Roman.

Now the couple, who is fond of show business, is expecting their second child.

The Daily Star contacted Ryan and Tina’s representatives for comment.

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