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A huge arctic plume is coming to the UK when weather forecasters predict 7-inch snow

Heavy snowfall may return in some areas this week

According to new forecasts, there is a massive snowfall in Britain.

The weather A map by independent weather forecaster WXCharts shows up to 20 inches (50 cm) of flakes falling in some areas of northern Scotland on Friday, March 11, after a sharp downward movement of weather down from the Arctic.

On the same day in the southern areas such as Wales, the Midlands and the South Coast, snowdrifts as high as 7 inches are also possible.

Elsewhere, the front from the Atlantic is expected to arrive in the form of heavy rain at a rate of about 2 mm per hour, with temperatures up to -3 degrees Celsius at night.

Meteorologists from the village Meteorological Bureau expect a new phase of windy and variable weather to begin at the end of the week.

Heavy snowfall may return in some areas this week

Their long-term forecast from Friday, March 11 to Sunday, March 20, states: “The temperature is expected to be mostly close to normal to fairly mild, although the wind will be colder.”

“The rest of the frontal systems are moving east, which is likely to bring increased wind and rain.”

“The main impact is likely to be from heavy rains and storms at this time. By the end of this period in all areas may reach clearer weather with showers, possibly winter.”

Meanwhile, temperatures will continue to rise until the middle of the week, and Paul Michaelwaite of Netweather told them to climb “into teens” across England and Wales and possibly southern Scotland.

The maximum temperature could even rise to 16-17 degrees by Thursday, he added.

Weather for Tuesday, March 8, 2022
Weather for Tuesday, March 8, 2022

In the relevant news, the government recently announced that the “Exam Notice” will work. now automatically broadcast on UK phones when there is a “danger to life” from severe weather or other danger.

Following a trial last summer, the UK government is set to launch a nationwide service that will alert people depending on the location if they are at risk due to an incident nearby.

In the event of an emergency, every phone and tablet in the affected area will receive an alert with tips on how to avoid danger and stay safe.

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