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Darts fans are making fun of Wade for leaving the UK Open after the “smoke blow” excavation.

Post-match interviews with James Wade are often, to put it mildly, interesting

James Wade was trolled by several fans after being knocked out of the UK Open.

The loss came hours after he claimed to have told the interviewer to continue “emitting smoke in the backs of everyone else.”

Wade, who looked very confident after winning the previous round against Boris Krchmar, was soon dropped to the ground when he was sent off by teen star Kin Barry 10-4.

Fans did not forget Wade’s words before leaving and were sure to remind him of them.

“I don’t think James Wade needs to smoke anymore,” one fan tweeted.

While another added: “James Wade last night looked an absolute n * b.”

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James Wade got a stick of fans after his comment “blowing smoke”.

“Attention is looking for a bitch,” said another fan.

The tweets have continued to this day, when this user wrote: “James Wade has recently given many interviews in which he said he does not feel recognized enough. Well, he is no longer the face of the finale, despite What he didn’t play in it. “

While this follower remarked, “Glorious, serve Wade right in the interview after last night’s match, he’s a 1st grade bitch. Well done Keane Barry !!!”

After the victory over the Croatian giant Boris Krčmar Wade was asked about his performance after he scored 10-8.

“I’m fine,” Wade said before saying, “You keep blowing smoke in everyone else’s ass, and I’m going to keep doing what I’m doing.”

He also said a few harsh words to Krchmar, arguing that he should have won more convincingly, and even commented on his opponent’s gigantic size.

“I kept kicking him and he didn’t get lost. But he’s a big old boy, isn’t he? ”Wade said.

“I think I needed to get rid of it as soon as possible. He just kept lingering. It was like an unpleasant smell that will not go away, so he deserves it. “

The 38-year-old made an incredible leg with nine darts during the meeting and claimed that his nine darts were superior to Michael Smith, who also managed to achieve this feat in the tournament.

“One hundred percent it wouldn’t be anything like mine,” he said.

“It was cool, you know? And they were all in the middle. I don’t think I could doubt it.

James Wade
The 38-year-old spoke a few harsh words to rival Boris Krchmar after defeating him at the 2022 British Open.

“You see, quite a few people beat nine darts, but they were all white of medium color, and that was never in doubt. I was never going to impress that, so it was really cool. “

In the quarterfinals, Keane showed the highest game against Wade, averaging 100.19, with four 180 and 59% in doubles on the way to the biggest win of his young career.

To start the draw, the Irishman broke into the championship with a second 180 and 120 knockout to raise the score to 3-0. Wade went out of the score, but at the break he led 4-1.

He took 82 for 12 darts to increase the score to 5-1, and scored 62 to lead 7-2.

James Wade
Wade was then killed by teenager Barry Keane in the quarterfinals of the British Open (Photo by Luke Walker / Getty Images)

Wade tried to win back and took 102 to keep his faint hopes at 7-4, but Barry lost not a single leg and knocked out the reigning champion.

In the semifinals, Keane lost to finalist of the 2022 World Cup Michael Smith with a score of 11-6.

The youngster held a healthy 6-2 lead during the match, but the experience and class of the 31-year-old shone when he made a superb comeback.

The final winner of the tournament was Danny Nopert, who beat Smith 11-10 and won his first title in the TV rating.

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