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Princess Charlotte paved the way for a change of rules for royal women

Mia Tyndall will benefit from this act

Princess Charlotte paved the way for a groundbreaking rule change that has since benefited her cousins ​​who were born into the royal family.

Daughter c Kate Middleton and Prince William became the first female royal family to benefit from the Crown Succession Act (2013), which prevents younger brothers from overtaking their older sisters.

Thanks to six-year-old Charlotte, daughters Zara and Mike Tyndall, eight-year-old Mia, and three-year-old Lena will be able to inherit the crown earlier than their younger brother Lucas.

March 21, the family will celebrate an important date: their youngest child Lucas will be one year old, according to Hello.

This act will allow Mia and Lena to keep their places in the queue, with Mia currently ranked 22nd in the queue and Lena 23rd.

Mia Tyndall will benefit from this act

The couple reportedly abdicated after the birth of the daughters of the Duchess of Sussex and Princess Beatrice last year.

Princess Beatrice and her husband Edouard Mapelli Moci are set to celebrate their first Mother’s Day this year after the birth of Sienna’s daughter in September.

Like the Tyndales, if they had a son in the future, Siena would remain above him in succession.

Fortunately, Charlotte, Mia and Lena were able to benefit from the change in rules after other women of the royal family unfortunately missed it.

This is due to the fact that the law applies only to children born after October 28, 2011.

Now Lena is ranked 23rd on the list
Now Lena is ranked 23rd on the list

Other members of the royal family, such as Princess Anne, are unfortunately lower than her younger brothers Prince Andrew and Prince Edward.

The Queens the only daughter at this time is in 17th place and lags behind Lady Louise Windsor.

If the changes had been applied when Anne gave birth in 1950, her children Peter Phillips and Zara Tyndall would have been much taller than their cousins ​​Princess Beatrice and Princess Eugenie, who are tenth and 12th on the list.

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