Kevin of Coronation Street will “declare himself the father of Abby’s child” as the release is confirmed

    According to Abby, Kevin cannot be the father of a child

    Coronation Street Fans predict that Kevin Webster (Michael Le Well) will become the newborn baby of Abby Webster (Sally Carman).

    The wayward heroine recently realized she was pregnant and survived a fight after she was dumped on the sidelines by her cunning buddy Dean Turnbull.

    Abbey managed to get to the hospital where she gave birth to a boy.

    However, she quickly decided she would be an unsuitable mom for the newcomer, and ran back to the cobblestones, throwing her son into the hospital.

    Abby Kevin’s partner recently turned his back on her after learning about her once last year.

    Coronation Street fans watched Abby give birth during Monday’s dramatic episode

    After her son Seb Franklin (Harry Vizinoni) was brutally murdered by Corey Brent (Maximus Evans) last May, Abbey was determined to seek justice.

    When the original court found Cory not guilty, Abby entered the night hoping to raise medicine to quell her unbearable grief.

    Viewers later learned that Abi had an affair that night with Imran Habib (Charlie de Mela), who also struggled after failing to prove the innocence of his adopted daughter Kelly Nylan (Millie Gibson).

    Cory Kevin
    Viewers are confident that the child’s parents will be Kevin Webster

    The couple declared their one-time meeting a moment of madness and vowed to keep the secret a secret.

    In January, Abi had reason to approach Imran again when she thought she might be pregnant, but later secretly told him the test was negative.

    From those meetings that Abby gave during childbirth, it was clear to viewers that Imran was indeed a father, not Kev’s husband.

    Imran Habib
    Last year, Imran Habib spent the night with Abi

    But if Imran is happily unaware of the situation when he celebrates his engagement to Toya Buttersby (Georgia Taylor) – who knows he betrayed but with no one – it looks like his stable family life is about to break up.

    However, ITV soap fans are predicting a major parenting turnaround and think Kevin will eventually become the father of a newborn.

    On Twitter, one fan wrote, “I think Abby’s baby will destroy Imran and Toya, but it will end up being Kevin.”

    Another added: “Personally, I hope the child is from Kevin.”

    A third person posted, “Let’s hope the baby turns out to be from Kevin, hopefully as well.”

    While a fourth social media user said: “OMG Abi re baby, calling it the first big twist, thinks it’s Imran’s baby, but will eventually be Kevin in the role of Imran’s character who leaves no way to leave the baby.”

    It turned out that week that Iranian actor Charlie De Mel had left the ITV soap opera after a five-year role as a Weatherfield lawyer.

    Imran’s latest storyline was teased by show boss Ian McLeod, who told Metro: “It threatens to destroy Imran and Toi’s relationship because Toya doesn’t know the whole truth.

    “Imran is forced to look in the mirror and consider himself and the person he is – he can go to the dark side.”

    Among his biggest soap opera storylines were the cases of young Kelly Neelan (Millie Gibson) in court after she was mistakenly accused of killing Seba Franklin, meeting with both Buttersby sisters and meeting with the death of his sister Rana Habib.

    Coronation Street goes out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays on ITV at 8pm

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