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Michelle Heaton feared that after the last operation she would become addicted to painkillers

Michelle Heaton

Michelle Heaton has admitted that she is worried about “addiction” to painkillers after a recent operation.

Former Liberty X singer who boldly talked about her battle with alcoholism and drugs last year underwent mastectomy and reconstruction after Fr. breast cancer scare almost ten years ago.

Last month, the TV personality underwent another operation after her doctor worried that her breast implants might leak or possibly rupture.

Michelle told GOOD! that before the surgery she admitted that she was really thinking about whether or not she would become addicted to painkillers.

She said: “At one point I thought,“ I’m a drug addict – I know I’ve dealt with it, and I’m stronger than ever. But hold on, I haven’t been addicted to painkillers yet. “

Michelle worried she might get used to painkillers

She added: “I had to work hard around myself and my growth to realize that I don’t want to take anything stronger than I already have.

“These are things that other people wouldn’t think about if they went for such an operation.”

The confession comes after a mother of two took part in a stunning photo shoot that showcased her transformation after she finally gave up drinking and drugs after the intervention.

Michelle Heaton
Last month, the star underwent breast reconstruction surgery

Michelle admitted it was a comment made by a troll with an eagle eye that helped her identify a problem with her breasts.

She said one comment that “really made me pay attention” prompted her to see a doctor.

She said, “It was written something like,‘ Look at her. In her place, I would have been more worried about her breasts, as if it had exploded. “

“It’s hard because I always like to say I don’t read nasty comments.

Michelle Heaton
The mother of two has been sober for almost a year

Fearing that her implant might leak or rupture, Michelle, who along with her husband Hugh Hanley have children Faith, 10, and AJ, seven, visited her doctor and later underwent further reconstruction.

Michelle has been sober since she joined the Priory last April, and says she works on maintaining it every day.

She said: “I’m making a list of thanks. There was no temptation because my obsession with drinking and drugs was gone.”

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