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The original EastEnders star Lauren Branning is completely unrecognizable 12 years after its release

Madeline Dugan looks completely different, leaving the soap

EastEnders Madeline Dagan star looks completely unrecognizable 12 years after her release from the BBC soap.

The star played Lauren Braning from 2006 to 2010, before I became a celebrity … Get me out of here! star Jacqueline Joss.

While working in soap, Madeline portrayed key parts of Lauren’s storyline – including a 2008 encounter with pedophile Tony King.

Lauren was instantly recognizable on the soap with her mouse-brown hair parted over her shoulders, often looking natural rather than opting for glamorous makeup.

But now the star looks completely different – and regularly adorns his loyal Instagram followers.

Madeline Dugan looks completely different, leaving the soap

Celebrating Christmas last year, Madeline took to the social media platform to share a series of incredible selfies on different evenings.

She once left fans when she impressed in a black silk shirt with a plunging neckline, teasing her deep brunettes with elegant waves when she puffed on camera.

For makeup, Madeline chose a heavy eyeliner to frame her blue eyes, as well as a pale pink lip gloss to give her that plump look.

The star Lauren Branning starred for eight years in Albert Square
Jacques Joss later took on the role

She later donned a see-through blue jacket decorated with sequins to head to the club with a group of friends, and she could be seen clutching a drink in one hand as she snuggled up to her friends.

A black bag adorned with gold chains completed her ensemble – and the night seemed to be a resounding success.

She boldly wrote on Instagram: “My liver and bank balance are over with Christmas …”

Madeline looks completely different

Since leaving, the actress was gaining strength EastEnders – starring in everything from Silent Witness to the CBBC show “Danny’s House” after her departure from Albert Square.

She has also starred in various music videos, including on the track by Feeder Borders and Shaduno’s Funhouse.

However, in April 2020, she revealed that she actually works part-time in medical surgery amid the Covid-19 pandemic, explaining: “Being a jobless actress doesn’t pay.”

She looks stunning

At the time, she explained on Twitter: “I know this because I work in surgical surgery on a part-time basis (because an actress without work doesn’t pay).”

The pandemic also became a chance for Madeline to become more involved in charity, and in December 2020 she joined a group of celebrities, including X Factor winner Sam Bailey, to perform Shekin Stevens ’song“ Merry Christmas ”.

The track, which took second place in the iTunes pop chart, grossed revenue for Alzheimer’s and Action for Children.

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