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Former Empire star Juxie Smollett sentenced to 150 days for imitating hate crime

Juicy Smolet

Jesse Smolet was imprisoned within 150 days of being found guilty of organizing a homophobic and racist attack on himself.

The actor told the court “I am not suicidal” after sentencing and denied his innocence.

Jucy, 39, was sentenced to 150 days in Cook County Jail and 30 months probation, ordered to pay $ 120,106 and fined $ 25,000.

The former Empire actor was sentenced today in Chicago after he was found guilty of five of six felony counts of hooliganism for lying to police about being the victim of a racist and homophobic attack.

The judge called him a “charlatan” and said he had harmed the real victims of hate crimes.

The judge also said that Jussie committed “an hour after an hour of perjury” by climbing to the podium and “lying” about what happened.

He was found guilty after staging a fake crime of self-hatred

Jussie kept his innocence all the time.

Last month, Smolet filed documents to request a new trial, arguing that his defense was not allowed to participate in the jury selection process.

He also asks the judge to overturn the verdict and find him not guilty on six charges of hooliganism.

The former star of the “Empire” claimed in 2019 that in the middle of the night he was attacked on the streets of Chicago, as he was heading to the sandwich shop “Metro”.

Juicy Smolet
Jussie kept his innocence all the time

Throughout the trial, the 39-year-old man claimed that he did not organize the event for himself when he allegedly saw two “mass” men shouting at him for homophobic and racist abuses.

The star also claimed that alleged Trump supporters also doused him with liquid and tied a noose around his neck.

Jussie insisted that he did not hire brothers Abel and Bol Asundira to stage the attack.

The Asundayr brothers claimed during the trial that the actor paid them as part of the plot.

Juicy Smolet
He was ordered to pay $ 120,106 and fined $ 25,000

Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson toppled the actor for lying about his attack, seemingly in an attempt to raise his own profile and make money.

Juice’s career came to an end after his accusations.

Shortly after his claim, he was fired from the hit show “Empire” as public opinion turned against him.

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