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Millie Court on Love Island closes rumors and insists she’s not pregnant after infamous trolling

Miley Court

The island of love the winner Miley Court showed that she was constantly forced to refuse pregnancy rumors of the last few weeks.

The 24-year-old Millie, who won the ITV2 contest last year along with her boyfriend Liam Reardan, went to Instagram to close rumors after her favorite fans recently bombarded her with questions about her pregnancy.

The reality TV star posted her stories on Instagram to share a lengthy post, and urged her followers to never comment on the female body.

The The island of love The star then confirmed that she was not pregnant, but raised that she hopes to have children if she is “lucky”.

By sharing stunning pictures without makeup, Millie revealed that she was sent numerous messages from fans who couldn’t help but ask her if she was expecting her first child.

Miles from Love Island has been forced to shut down rumors of a pregnancy

Millie wrote, “I’ve been getting a lot of such posts and comments lately …”

“NO, I’m not pregnant, though one day I hope I will, and I’m sure it will be one of the happiest days of my life, but being a woman, especially in the eyes of the public, I felt like it was to be absolutely torn by that. how you look, dress, act, etc., and it can be difficult for someone to be constantly condemned. “

Influencer said she feels like a strong woman when she receives messages from trolls.

Millie shared her grievances on Instagram

Millie then stated that not everyone is as tough as she is, and may end up being shattered by such forward comments.

The Love Island champion continued, “But if you’ve made that comment to anyone, just think about how that person can take it, and it could potentially hurt.

“It certainly indicates that someone has gained weight and it seems like a better way to say are you pregnant or just gaining weight?”

The island of love
Millie and Liam won Love Island in 2021

Millie then spoke of the insecurity in her body when she confessed to dropping two dresses before heading to the famous villa on Love Island.

She then explained that she now feels back and she couldn’t be happier.

Essex’s star reality show became famous on Love Island last summer and eventually won the show with Scottish boyfriend Liam Reardon.

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