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Wetherspoons will increase the price of pints in all pubs in the UK – this is another blow for the British


Giant pub Spoons of wind raised the price of a pint from drunk The British are forced to pay up to 10 pensions more for a drink.

Most of his places in the UK will increase the cost Londoners will be the most affected with an additional 20 pensions added to the cost of drinks in the capital.

The move was made in early March and means the price has risen by two per cent in most areas and four per cent in London.

But Wetherspoons insisted that its prices were still fair, and a company spokesman said Somerset Live: “Occasionally Wetherspoons really raises the price of drinks.

Rising prices began in early March

“We always strive to make our prices as competitive as possible. We believe that our beverage offer is still excellent value for money. ”

But that’s not all the bad news for fans looking to save a few pounds – steak and curry prices club offers have been reduced to £ 1.60 as part of the offer on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

The pub chain is famous across the UK for its cheap drinks

This happened after other major recent changes in a very popular drinker, when Russian beer was removed from the menu in support Ukraine after Putin’s bloody invasion.

In November, the pub also announced it would no longer sell a pint of John Smiths and Strongbow.

The company has ended a 41-year partnership with Heineken to sign with the Budweiser Brewing Group as the new largest supplier.

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Drinks, including Budweiser, Stella Artois, Corona, Leffe Blonde and Bud Light, have become available in all pubs in the UK.

But pints are not the only price rising across the UK, and the British have also suffered from huge increases in fuel and energy prices.

Inflation could reach a whopping seven percent this year when millions of people will face higher bills for food, clothing and other living expenses.

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