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Manchester United fans say referee ignores “clear” fouls for Athletic’s goal

Manchester United fans say referee ignores

Manchester United fans in anger after Judge Slavka Vincic “ignored” two incidents in Madrid Athletics favor in front of the Spanish side opened the score in the defeat of the Red Devils with a score of 1-0.

After a 1-1 draw at Wanda Metropolitan the pair met Champions League Meeting 1/8 finals at Old Trafford. “United” opened brightly, but soon Diego Simeone’s team intensified the heat and began to threaten the goal.

Joao Felix managed to score the ball in the first half, only to be counted offside. But Athletics finally brought themselves forward through Renan Lodi. But the hosts were angry that two incidents did not stop the process before the goal was scored by the flankback, not to mention the VAR, which did not mark either of them.

In preparation for the goal, United fans felt that Fred was pushed to the floor, while they were confident that Anthony Elanga was also thwarted by the trip.

Fans of the Red Devils turned to Twitter to express their disappointment. One asked, “How did they score the goal that faked Elanga and Fred?”

Another said, “Elanga and Fred double fouls, but the judge looked the other way, aaaaaaaa.”

The third stated: “It is absolutely absurd that Elanga earned a foul for winning the ball from the Cloud, there is no foul on Bruno in the penalty area, and TWO fouls in rising to the goal were not conceded. “United did not get anything in their favor.”

However, some fans stressed that Elanga was not a foul and that he actually interfered.

Do you think the incidents were fouls? Let us know in comment below.

Fans were disgusted by Fred’s push

Elanga sprint
Many felt that the referee also had to give Elang a free kick

“Actually it’s Fred making an obstacle,” one replied. Another said, “It wasn’t a foul on Elanga.” And one just said, “Never foul.”

The referee was the target of anger from fans – and even BT Sport commentators Darren Fletcher and Robbie Savage – throughout the night, and Old Trafford raised a collective fuss about some of the decisions he made.

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