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Rylan closes troll after he was accused of “speaking when people die in Ukraine”


Rylan Clark-Neal responded to the troll’s nasty remark on social media, which accused him of “chasing when people die in Ukraine“.

Innocently took the host of BBC Radio 2 Twitter ask his fans if he should get a tattoo.

The 33-year-old Strictly It Takes Two presenter tweeted, “I think I want a tattoo… it’s middle-aged or«. “

Following the publication of the innocuous tweet, Rylan was faced with one harsh and rude comment from a Twitter user who accused him of being “dirty”.

The troll wrote on Twitter: “People are dying in Ukraine, and you dream of tattoos. Grow. “

Rylan Clark hit the troll on Twitter

No nonsense in Rylan was any of this, as the owner of Supermarket Sweep instantly hit right in response to the troll.

He replied, “You know what I did for this cause? No, because I don’t consider it necessary to post it on all social networks, so thank you and take care, good evening.”

Many of Rylan’s supporters quickly came to his defense and insisted that he should not rise to the bitter tweet of the trolls.

Many of Rylan’s supporters rallied around him after a mocking remark

A sympathetic fan wrote: “Don’t get up, I’m sure he is doing his best for Ukraine !!!”

Another tweeted, “He has 2 subscribers, darling, I wouldn’t worry!

“It went to 3. Don’t feed the trolls. And make a bloody big tattoo, Rylan. ”

This comes as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine enters its 20th day, and Putin officially announced the campaign on February 24.

Rylan recently spoke about his struggle with mental health

After breaking up with her husband Dan Neal in 2021, Rylan talked last month about how he struggled with his mental health and took four months off from work.

Speaking about his difficult time in his Ry-union podcast, he said: “I never in my life thought I would survive such a crisis.

“But in the end I did, and it literally hit me in the face like a baseball bat because I always thought I was too strong for it.

“Like, I’ll never let something like this happen to me, but then it happens, and it’s very, very hard to fight.”

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