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The boss of the cafe Big Baps says that a place for sex costs her 100 pounds a week

Key working customers were unable to park near Amanda’s cafe

Tells the public the hot boss of the cafe sex the place costs her a roadside café as much as £ 100 a week.

Amanda Bisset, co-owner of the Big Baps coffee shop on the M62, is asking the local council to remove all-day parking at a parking lot in Brighaus, West Yorkshire, following a series of obscene events outside her premises. .

Apart from the fact that this shady place is visited by men who meet other men for sex in the wooded area behind, it is also misused as a place to pickup and exchange cars.

Condom wrappers and other unsightly “sex trash” are also scattered at the entrance to the woods.

Key working customers were unable to park near Amanda’s cafe

Amanda says she has been complaining for months as visitors can’t find their place outside the cafe, and a small number of parking spaces are instead occupied by cruisers and bargain hunters.

Problems with the installation hit her in the pocket as she loses habit from her regular customers, many of whom she says are key workers.

Talking to Yorkshire Live, she said a police officer promised to patrol the disturbed area, saying: “He was reluctant to go for a walk (around) and said they would patrol, but I haven’t seen anything since.”

She found
She found “sexual garbage” and said she had been let down by authorities who did not consider the problem a “priority.”

The head of the cafe had to take matters into her own hands, hanging a sign with the inscription: “The notes say:” Please do not leave the car in this place. ”
“You have to park here for a maximum of two hours. By parking here, it prevents key employees from parking for a well-deserved vacation and lunch break. ”

But not everyone was happy with her efforts: one angry public sex enthusiast reportedly told her, “I don’t care about key workers.”

Comments were sought from Calderdale Council and West Yorkshire Police.

In October, Calderdale’s council said it would address the coffee shop’s problems, saying: “We will work with police and other partner organizations to address these issues.”

Earlier, police reported that the case was handed over to the district police.

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