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Will Smith responds to Rebel Wilson’s jokes about his marriage to Jada during the BAFTA

Will and Jada

Will Smith aimed Rebel Wilson for her jokes about his marriage and insists that his wife Jada Pinkett-Smith never betrayed.

During this year BAFTA Host Rebel, 42, joked about the open relationship between 53-year-old Will and 50-year-old Judas.

She said: “I thought his best performance last year was okay with all of his wife’s guys.”

After the excavations, Will insisted that in his marriage to Jada “there was never infidelity.”

Rebel struck after Will, who was not at the event, won the award for leading male role for his role in the film “King Richard”. Instead, he was at the Critics ’Choice Awards ceremony in Los Angeles.

Rebel Wilson has unearthed the drama of Will Smith and Judy Pinkett-Smith

After the excavation, which was met with numerous moans from the public, Rebel said, “Well, he never showed up!”

The next day Will said, “There has never been infidelity in our marriage.

“Jada and I talk about everything, and we never surprised each other with anything and never.”

It comes a year after Will said he and Jada had physical ties to other people during their marriage.

Rebel Wilson
After the BAFTA 2022 presenter joked, she said, “Come on, he never showed up!”

Will gently explained that his wife for more than 25 years was not “the only one involved in other sexual relationships” out of wedlock.

He said: “We have given each other trust and freedom by making sure everyone has to find their own way.

“And marriage for us cannot be a prison. And I do not offer our way to anyone. I do not offer this way to anyone. “

In 2020, Jada’s “confusion” with singer August Alsina hit the headlines after the singer said they were in a relationship until she and Will were separated.

Will Smith
The couple spoke about their relationship in a series of interviews with Jada Red Table Talk

Aug. 29 explained that their relationship was within Will’s approval.

The singer said: “I actually sat down with Will and talked because of the transformation of their marriage into a partnership … he gave me his blessing.”

Jada and Will were married in 1997 and have two children: 23-year-old Jaden and 21-year-old Will.

August became friends with the family in 2015 after he was introduced to the couple’s son Jaden.

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