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Denise Van Auten was surprised by Channel 4’s request

Denise van Auten

Denise Van Auten showed that surprised when Channel 4 The bosses wanted her ex-Eddie to be her TV viewing partner Celebrity Gogglebox.

The stunning 47-year-old TV star said she initially thought she would be filming with one of her “famous friends” on a popular TV show.

However, she was surprised to learn that show bosses wanted her ex-Eddie to join her on the show business couch – after they saw the couple interviewing together and thought they were “fun” .

The cabaret queen revealed her record on Celebrity Gogglebox with Eddie in her autobiography A Bit of Me, which was published on Thursday (March 17th).

Denise starred with Eddie’s ex at Celebrity Gogglebox, but she was surprised that Channel 4 wanted him on the couch

In her book, Steph’s Packed Lunch star talks about how the couple coped with their newfound fame as a couple after entering the show, and how Eddie had to adapt to the light of attention.

Speaking in the book, she said: “I imagined that I would shoot Celebrity Gogglebox with one of my famous friends; with someone with whom I had a bit of a joke, a couple from which viewers can get high.

“I was very surprised when Channel 4 told me that they want Eddie to be my TV partner on the couch. They saw us interviewing together and thought he was hilarious and that we would be a great team on the show. ”

The TV presenter went on to say that Eddie was “initially wary” of not doing television work, but she advised him that he would be fine if he was just in front of the camera because people want authenticity.

Denise van Auten
Denise and Eddie broke up in January – after starting a romance in 2014

She added: “It’s funny; it took Eddie quite a while for a penny to fall on how famous he became after the show came out.”

Denise explained that she and Eddie never managed to see the audience’s reaction to them on the show when they recorded the second series during the first closing in 2020.

She said Eddie “had no idea” what it meant to be famous, but his first taste of fame came when he went out to buy fish with chips.

Obviously, her ex came back smiling as the cashier gave him extra chips when she recognized him from the show.

He allegedly said to her, “Nothing, this lark-telly?”

Denise van Auten
Denise has just released her autobiography

Denise broke up with Eddie in January this year after more than seven years of relationship.

Breaking her silence about the relationship, she went on social media and wrote: “I am sad to confirm that we are no longer a couple. I had to make a difficult decision not to continue our relationship.

“I will always appreciate the good moments we spent together and the memories.”

She added: “We ask you to respect our privacy at this time, especially our children.”

Denise Van Autten Comes Out: From Basildon to Broadway.

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