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More than 1,100 DWP employees risk losing their jobs as the government closes its offices Politics news

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The closure of branches of the Department of Labor and Pensions is threatening more than 1,100 jobs, and thousands more could be laid off, the PCS union said.

Confirming in parliament that a number of offices across the country will be closed, Labor and Pensions Minister David Rutley said about 12,000 employees will move to different offices as 28 offices are closed.

He said about 1,300 colleagues would not be able to move because there were no other suitable sites nearby.

Those who lose their jobs are back office employees, and he said it “does not affect the employment center and customer interaction.”

Mr Rutley said the government had been negotiating with the Public and Commercial Services Union (PCS) for several months and the announcement that people would lose their jobs had imposed an embargo, so it was “very disappointing” that they did not respected this.

He added that today at 10.30 employees were informed that they were losing their jobs or risking layoffs.

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