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Putin’s troops turned against him after “perverse” bombings

Russian troops have condemned the attack on the Ukrainian maternity hospital

Russian President Vladimir Putin His own troops began to turn against him after an enraged detachment called the world-condemned air strike on the maternity hospital “perverse neo-Nazism.”

The strike that devastated Fr. Ukrainian the maternity hospital was cursed as “the most perverse form of neo-Nazism”.

The surrounded by the city of Mariupol subjected to a flurry of attacks, hospitals were targeted and Russian forces taking hostage hospital staff and patients for use as human shields.

At least three people were killed in an explosion at a maternity hospital, including a young girl, and 17 people were injured in a Russian airstrike on a destroyed hospital in the city.

Russian troops have condemned the attack on the Ukrainian maternity hospital

President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky called the attack “genocide”.

Even one of Putin’s soldiers, who was taken prisoner by the Ukrainians, called the air strike “perverse.”

Russian pilot Maxim told CNN: “It was a horrible act, not only because it is a crime. This is vandalism. This is not forgiven. To bomb the maternity hospital? ”

“This is the most perverse form of neo-Nazism, neo-fascism. Who could have come up with such a thing?

“It’s not just about demilitarization Ukraine or the defeat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, but now the cities of civilians are being destroyed. ”

Russian troops struck "perverse neo-Nazism"
Russian military calls strike “perverse neo-Nazism”

The Russian prisoner of war added: “Even, I do not know what can be justified, b ** k, the tears of a child, and even worse – the death of innocent people, children.”

Maxim also suggested that there was anxiety and shame among the captured troops, saying: “I know that for the most part they are categorically against it.

“They have a lot of relatives and friends [in Ukraine]and they were told it was an operation localized in the DNR [the Russian-backed Donetsk area]rather than an attack on the whole country. My department was adamantly against it.

“I want to tell our commander-in-chief to stop terrorist acts in Ukraine, because if we return, we will rise up against him.”

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