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Man considers a suitable body a raw meat diet of brains and organs

Wim believes that raw meat is good for health

The guy aroused disgust among Internet users after he told about his extreme diet with raw meat, when he eats brains and testicles every day.

Wim Brechet, 31, of Los Angeles, USA, revealed his controversial dishes online, and opinions were divided.

The health and fitness trainer claims that eating raw animal meat helps him look and feel better – and says he leads a healthier lifestyle than if he ate only plant foods.

He grew up eating raw meat in Lebanon and claims to have eaten raw organs as a snack – sometimes up to five plates worth a meal.

When he initially started to improve his well-being and fitness, he chose a vegan diet despite being fond of raw meat.

But he claims that a plant-based diet has caused a number of health problems, including inflammation in his nervous system.

Wim saw the doctor and went back to eating raw meat – and hasn’t looked back since.

Wim believes that raw meat is good for health

The fitness enthusiast explained, “I first switched to a cooked carnivore after my doctor told me I had severe inflammation in my digestive and nervous systems.

“When I adopted this diet, I started reading books about the benefits of meat, and many greedy doctors eat meat raw, so I decided to go for it.

“I am currently reading several books about carnivores, and there are no complications in this diet. This is the ultimate elimination diet. “

Wim also believes that “carnivores can change diabetes, blood pressure, heart disease and many autoimmune diseases” – but it is important to note that there is no official scientific or medical evidence of this, and nutritionists warn against it.

Despite the risks, Wim says he’s not worried.

The carnivorous carnivore said, “You may risk a bacterial infection, but a healthy gut is quite capable of destroying harmful bacteria.”

Wim’s diet is currently 90% made up of raw meat, and he says there are no complications yet.

He eats 4,500 calories a day to help build muscle compared to his previous diet of 2,400.

It clogs raw brains and eggs
It clogs raw brains and eggs

Wim’s breakfast consists of half a pound of raw beef, which he mixes with two teaspoons of raw butter, half a teaspoon of salt and raw eggs.

At lunch he chews two veal testicles, one veal brain, mutton liver, beef heart, beef kidneys, beef bone marrow and crude oil.

While for dinner Wim eats raw pieces of steak and butter, which he sometimes combines with a protein shake without the taste of herbs.

The fitness enthusiast added: “My favorite raw food is my mix [in the morning] and calf brains. I also love raw fish and fillets.

“I’m not a fan of raw chicken and pork – I’ve never tried them. I don’t even eat them cooked. “

And he even goes to the gym seven nights a week despite a heavy diet.

Four times a week Wim dives into ice baths and meditates to keep his mental health under control.

And Wim talked about the reaction his diet gets.

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He said: “I get a lot of love from people who want help – especially overweight children who are struggling with confidence.

“I also get a lot of hatred, especially from the vegan community, who constantly report my account and threaten to delete it.

“Many people focus on being fit in the fitness world, but neglect to be really healthy – physically and mentally.

“I tried all the diets and struggled with hemorrhoids as well as anal fissures [small tears in the anus].

“Using the toilet was difficult for me until I went on a meat-only diet and now my digestion is optimal.

“Raw meat is the easiest to digest, and I don’t care what the doctors say, I know how I feel.”

Wim publishes his amazing dishes in TikTok, causing a mixed reaction.

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