The man had hiccups for four months before doctors discovered the grim cause

    The man also suffered from a severe headache

    The man suffered from hiccups for four months before seeking medical attention after suffering a severe headache for two weeks.

    After seeking medical attention, a 30-year-old man was diagnosed with a brain tumor that is thought to cause hiccups after a brain scan to understand the root cause.

    He also reported that he vomited up to three times a day, according to the protocol.

    His health began to deteriorate about four months ago when he began to have an almost constant hiccup that prevented him from sleeping properly.

    Symptoms began to recede after the patient began receiving cancer treatment.

    The man also suffered from a severe headache

    Experts from the British Medical Journal have theorized that the tumor affected the part of the brainstem that controls the nerves and muscles that provoke hiccups.

    Dr. Nagasubramanyam Wempali of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences has written a BMJ report on an incident that took place in the Indian city of Rishikesh in the foothills of the Himalayas.

    The report said the patient sought medical attention and told staff he had previously asked for help with hiccups.

    After the examination and blood tests did not give anything definitive, he was sent for a computed tomography to get a more accurate picture.

    He was also vomited several times a day
    He was also vomited several times a day

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    The scan revealed a lesion in the patient’s brain, and then he was sent for an MRI to get a more detailed image.

    MRI showed he had some kind of tumor growing on the brain stem, the part of the brain that connects it to the spine.

    After the operation, the man was put on a course of radiotherapy, after which the hiccups improved.

    “The patient’s hiccups began to disappear after the start of radiation therapy, and after 1 month of radiation therapy the patient’s hiccups subsided significantly,” said Dr. Wempali.

    Unfortunately, the man eventually passed away, but the report did not specify whether it was due to cancer.

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