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UFO expert claims to have spotted a 200-meter alien floating past the ISS

"This is amazing!  I have no explanation for this," wrote a UFO fanatic

A UFO the expert claimed to have seen a massive 200 meters an alien floats by International Space Station (ISS) live ship.

Scott Waring, who runs UFOsightingsdaily.com, said he coped with the mysterious mass by watching the station as usual.

However, what happened next was the first, as Mr Waring said he had “never seen such a thing in my 15 years of watching the space station’s camera!”

The UFO fanatic wrote on his website: “Now look at this … just when I thought I saw everything, a giant green alien figure floats past the camera live on the International Space Station. Yes, you heard me right.

“A giant green figure with a head that has two round eyes, a small nose and a big smile, and a big neck and chin. She also has two ears, both the same size but more like a monkey than a human.

“It’s weird! I have no explanation for this,” wrote the UFO fanatic

“The neck attaches to the head and descends to the huge body. Yes … I’m sober, but what the hell is going on? I have never seen such a thing in 15 years when looking at a space station camera!

“It’s weird! I don’t have that explanation. What you see is what it is. The space station is about 109 meters across, this alien figure is at least twice as big as 200 meters. Wow if it’s an alien creature, he’s godlike in size, but hey, at least he’s smiling, which tells me he’s in a good mood.

“And he’s looking straight at the space station … watching her pass him. It’s an infrared camera … and I’ve been saying for decades that if you want to catch a UFO, use an infrared camera, it cuts through any raincoat.” invisibility.

Enthusiast said he saw "more like a monkey than a human"
Enthusiast said he saw “more like a monkey than a man”

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“Don’t believe me, look at the capabilities of the LCD camera. They can see through the ink spilled on the newspaper, they can see through the clouds even though the reflections are on the water. It’s amazing.”

Scott’s finding follows from the images from Hubble Space Telescopewhich also captured something wonderful from the depths space.

Peering into the darkness of space, the Hubble Space Telescope saw the “eye” that looked at it – a galaxy very similar to ours, in shape really similar to the human eye.

The image is actually the heart, or “eye,” of a large galaxy called NGC 1097, a spiral galaxy with jumpers that has been categorized just like our Milky Way.

Officials from the European Space Agency (ESA), a partner of the Hubble project, said: “This photo shows the complexity of a web of stars and dust in the center of NGC 1097 with long tendrils of dust highlighted in a dark red hue.”

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