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Fans of the first dates got engaged, despite the catastrophic incurable diagnosis of health

First dates

First dates Star Mike Sumner asked a question for his romantic match Zoe Welch.

A couple who met for a hit Channel 4 the show in 2020, quickly became a favorite on the show for the great moment when Zoe grabbed a pint.

Her stunned rendezvous, Mike, replied, “Damn it.”

But two years later the couple is now engaged and ensures they enjoy their time together after being diagnosed with Mike’s heartbreaking health.

Since meeting Zoe, Mike has been diagnosed with motor neurone disease and may have only five years left as the disease is incurable.

Mike Sumner and Zoe Welch met on the Channel 4 show two years ago and are now engaged

The couple filmed the show in the spring of 2020, but it was only shown last October and quickly became a favorite after airing.

One of the spectators wrote: “Zoe and Mike are my favorites, I wish them happiness for life.”

Another wrote, “Zoe and Mike on first dates are made for each other.”

After two years of romantic relationship Mike with Grimsby in Lincolnshire now enjoys a walking frame, following the state of his health.

The former driving instructor decided to ask a question during a gorgeous walk by the lake on vacation in Florida.

Channel 4
Mike may have been left alive only five years after being diagnosed with motor neurone disease

Mike said: “Because of my mobility problems I couldn’t do it on a bent knee. When we got back, we opened a bottle of Prosecco that we were waiting for in the fridge and then went quietly to eat. It was just perfect.”

He added: “I refuse to doubt how long I will live. I am determined to live in that moment with Zoe and use what I have left.”

Zoe, who works in a banking group, said: “We had to wait a very long time before we were able to meet properly because of the lock. Mike has a cheeky sense of humor and we laugh a lot.”

First dates
The couple first met at the show in the spring of 2020

Zoe says neither this nor his MND affected their relationship, adding, “We just live day after day.”

Shortly before the show Mike was also diagnosed with autism.

An optimistic Mike added: “I’m still optimistic about how much time I have – people like Stephen Hawking and other people I’ve read about have lived 10, 15 and 20 years.

“Zoe was a great inspiration for me. She’s there to pick me up when I start to feel depressed. ”

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