Inside Squad 303 – “largest hacking operation in history”, waging cyber war against Russia

    Detachment 303 is carrying out a mission to destroy the Kremlin

    Powerful new hacking the group arose in the struggle against Russia – and he says he has already sent a whopping 20 million texts to people living under the Putin regime.

    Little is known about who is behind the mysterious detachment 303, but members say the Polish group is named after a fighter squadron from World War II.

    In a horrific video posted on the site’s Twitter account, the avatar in a mask and hood in a loud voice explains: “You would not have noticed us in the store, on the street or in the subway.

    “Ukrainians are fighting with real weapons. We can at least with our smartphones. This is the largest and most successful cyber operation in the history of the world. “

    Detachment 303 is carrying out a mission to destroy the Kremlin

    Hackers have created a website that allows members of the public to send SMS to random Russian phone numbers, trying to expose the truth about the brutal intrusion into Ukraine.

    They also received an impressive 140 million e-mail addresses owned by Russian individuals and companies, which means that millions of Russian citizens are faced with receiving unwanted facts about the bloody war in their mailbox.

    The success of Squad 303 did not go unnoticed, and they teamed up with the infamous hacking band Anonymous, which had previously been targeted by ISIS and racist hate groups.

    Masked hackers threaten Russia in videos posted online
    Masked hackers threaten Russia in videos posted online

    One of the team told the BBC: “We are constantly working with Anonymous, and I now consider myself a member of the Anonymous movement.”

    He said he was “on the barricade with a rifle during the day and hacked with a detachment / anonymous at night.”

    Hackers from the groups bombed Russia’s Internet infrastructure in a self-proclaimed cyber war against the mad Russian President Vladimir Putin.

    Vladimir Putin has ordered to strengthen his country's cyber defense
    Vladimir Putin has ordered to strengthen his country’s cyber defense

    As a result of one attack, Russian state TV channels were hijacked to show a 12-minute video of horrific bombings in Ukraine.

    Another incident led to them stealing data from the Kremlin and deleting Russian websites.

    One hacker explained: “I am ready to go and pick up a rifle for Ukraine, but now I have better skills to use at the computer.

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    “So I’m here in my house, with my two laptops, coordinating this IT resistance.

    “These things are illegal and wrong as long as there is no threat to you or your relative.”

    But despite their enormous power, the 303 squad promised to remain ethical, and the group explained that they were simply trying to win the information war and would not steal or share any private information.

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