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The Meteorological Bureau predicts that the sun will continue for a week as high temperatures and “mini-heat” approach

the British

The British will get a summer mood with golden rays and blue skies along the way.

Mercury temperatures are expected to rise to 70F by the end of the month, well above the average for the time of year.

According to some weather forecastersin some regions a maximum of 21 degrees Celsius is expected by the end of March, leading to a “mini-heat».

This is due to the massive high-pressure system that is supposed to bring an explosion of North African air and spread across the country.

Tomorrow in the south and west and along the North Sea coast will remain cloudy.

Otherwise for most it will be dry with a lot of sunshine, with temperatures around 14C for most and possibly 18C for some.

Britons may experience “minimal heat” when April knocks

Scientists have suggested that the British “beginning of summer” may be caused by “completely unprecedented” heat in the Arctic.

BBC forecaster Darren Beth said: “The weather is really set, there will be a lot of dry weather, probably next week.”

BBC forecaster Chris Fox added: “Our steady weather is due to this large area of ​​high pressure.

“We do have weather on Sunday and Monday, a very weak thing, can bring unusual rain, but, nevertheless, the emphasis remains on prolonged dry weather with lots of sunlight in the forecast. It will be mild for a couple of years. ».

Hot weather
The high pressure system brings hot weather from the continent

The Meteorological Bureau has released an update on the potential of the April heat to scorch the British this spring.

The weather expert Jim Dale spoke about the potential for warmer weather this season.

He said: “I think the hot weather could come quite early as far as April is concerned.

I know March is the beginning of spring, but I think we’ll probably be in April before we see the scorching temperatures. “

The beach
The high pressure system brings hot weather from the continent

Jim Dale predicted that the heat would enter in mid-April.

Officially, a heat wave is when the temperature reaches above a certain temperature (in degrees), and this varies from region to region across the UK, but it is usually when the temperature exceeds 25 ° C.

April is expected to be warmer as the country gradually warms by summer, but temperatures may be above average for this time of year.

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