Free women Colin Nolan makes Bridgeton sexual confession


    Free women Colin Nolan was apparently “gutted” in that 2nd season Bridgeton has fewer sexual scenes.

    ITV participant was torn apart by her co-star colleague Ruth Langsford, who joked that she would be disappointed that this time there would be less fucking.

    Ruth opened the segment and said, “Bridgeton is back and Colin is very happy but bad news that will be much less thrilling.

    – That’s why you liked it! She added, looking at her colleague.

    Ruth continued, “How do you like your TV – bright or romantic? We know what your Colin is!”

    “Colin, it’s a little frustrating for you and Brandy, less thrilling, without tearing your bodice …”

    Colin shared her frustration with the audience

    However, Colin defended her television taste and showed that in fact she was less concerned about the X-rated material than her colleagues thought.

    She explained, “So that’s what will surprise you, I don’t really like it when it’s too much. I’m more interested in the romantic side, I’ll never forget the last series when he said, ‘I’m grieving for you.’

    “And I remember turning around and thinking I wanted someone to burn for me.

    Ruth became a little cheeky on the show

    “I’m not really into high graphics, I know what they’re going to do, I don’t need to see exactly what you need to do.

    “I’ve always been a little bit like that when I was younger because I’m very romantic, so I like the romantic side.”

    Her co-star Ruth jokingly said, “Michael is on fire for you?”

    “Oh, yes, it’s on fire for me …” she replied with a grin on her face.

    This comes after Colin spoke about her experience of “Dancing on Ice” and whether she tried on former show clothes for her new husband Michael Jones.

    Colin has complaints about the bedroom with Michael

    The 56-year-old TV personality had previously kept his novel a secret, but earlier this year publicly presented it as his boyfriend.

    Unfortunately, Colin has not been able to save any of her brilliant show-outs, which is unfortunate as we bet that Michael would like to see her in them.

    Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star about her outfits, Colin jokingly said, “I didn’t have any costumes, but again I would look really weird doing a cup in a very short shiny dress?”

    She continued, “But I kept my boots with the signatures of all the judges, and they’re in the glass case.”

    Colin also revealed that the happy couple has yet to come out on the ice and have tried any steps by Torville and Dean.

    She laughed: “Mikhail and I have never skated, because I’m bad, and he’s worse.”

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