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Lucy Mecklenburg shares information about her two-year-old son’s health

Lucy Mecklenburg holds back tears, shares information about her two-year-old son's health

Lucy Mecklenburg held back tears as she shared information about her son Raman health.

Last year was The only way is Essex stars a two-year-old child was rushed to hospital after turning blue, and was immediately connected to a ventilator.

Lucy, 30, and partner Ryan ThomasThe 37-year-old described the dire situation as “each of the parents’ worst nightmares.”

Roman is now undergoing regular checkups as well as daily medication and an inhaler to help him breathe.

Now Lucy has revealed that the family had shocking news during Fr. hospital meeting on Friday.

The reality star who has become a fitness guru, Lucy, who is currently pregnant with her second child, said the diagnosis left her with “mixed feelings”.

Lucy reveals that on Friday the family received shocking news

In her Instagram stories, she said doctors found that fluid gets into Roman’s lungs every time he drinks.

The child had to do a special “video fluoroscopy” – a moving X-ray, which is done when the patient consumes fluids.

Lucy explained, “It was to check for fluid when he drank, going down and getting into his lungs.

“I honestly thought it wouldn’t show it, so I kept working and he went with Ryan.

“I enjoy being in all the meetings, and Ryan called me and said it shows that fluid is getting into his lungs.”

Suppressing her tears, Lucy continued, “It’s very strange to me, because I’m sad for Roman.”

Lucy Mecklenburg holds back tears, shares information about her two-year-old son's health
Roman was rushed to hospital last year after turning blue

Doctors said that Roman should now have a special thickener that does not get into the lungs, instead of diluted fluids.

This treatment may be something little Little Roman has been doing for “years” while experts try to find an alternative.

Lucy told her 1.7 million Instagram followers: “Since Monday, when we take the thickener, he hasn’t been able to drink fluids for quite some time – maybe years.

“So no lollipops and ice cream, no normal water or juice. Everything should be really thick so that it does not get into the lungs.

“But we have the answer. Perhaps this is not the full picture. I don’t know yet, because we haven’t seen his consultant, but it’s something. “

described the dire situation as
Lucy and Ryan have previously described the dire situation as “every parent’s worst nightmare”

She added: “It’s a step forward and it’s something we can handle, and it’s something that will hopefully stop him from getting so sick.

“Yeah, yeah, in a way it’s positive because we’re maybe a little closer to the answer.”

In the spring Lucy is due to give birth to her second child with fiancé Ryan. Earlier this month, she shared a cute clip of Roman’s meeting with her little sister on a 4D scan.

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