During the attack, the woman tried to bite off the rapist’s penis

    The bandit was arrested at Wigan Market

    A woman who tried to fend off Fr. rapist biting his penis was noted for her “courage and strength” after an attacker broke into her home.

    The victim gritted her teeth at Brian Bro’s loved ones when he forced her to have sex in property in Salford, Greater Manchester.

    The 60-year-old girl received multiple bone fractures on her face after she was repeatedly raped and beaten late on the evening of March 19 last year.

    She managed to escape to a neighbor’s house and was taken to hospital with a broken jaw, missing teeth, black eyes, a broken nose and internal injuries.

    The thug was arrested in nearby Wigan

    The 36-year-old Bro reportedly gained access to her home after knocking on her front door under the false pretense of her neighbor’s friend.

    Mark Kellett, who spoke before the prosecution, described the ordeal and said: “Although she had never met the defendant before because her neighbor’s name matched what he said, she opened the door and he entered the house asking to use the toilet.

    “She went into the hallway, but the defendant followed her, and as she sat on the couch, he sat down next to her and hugged her arm.

    “He told her he was a male escort, and took out his penis, saying, ‘Look, I’m doing this.’

    “She told him she wasn’t interested, but he grabbed her by the head and pressed on himself.

    “In response, she bit the defendant’s penis, causing him to hit her in the face.”

    Mr Kelet went on to say that Bro grabbed the victim by the hair and “pulled” her into the bedroom – she remembers coming and going.

    Earlier, Bro was acquitted of rape in 2019
    Bro was sentenced to 18 years in prison

    The prosecutor said she tried to stop him from raping her, but then he punched her, causing her to darken again.

    It was reported that Bro fled the scene with two stolen Samsung phones, bank cards, Fitbit, alcohol and others.

    The victim was taken to a rape crisis center, where medics found a DNA sample of Bro. He was later arrested at Wigan Market.

    During the November rape trial, Bro denied the offenses, refused legal assistance and refused to appear in court.

    Bro was sentenced to 18 years in prison with an extended four-year license in Crown Court, Minchal Street, Manchester.

    He will have to serve at least 12 years and will remain in the register of sexual offenders for life.

    Brow was sentenced in the Crown Court of Manchester on Minchal Street

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    The sentencing judge, John Edwards, told Brow, “It was an extremely ruthless and brutal rape.

    “It was a horrible ordeal for her at every level. I have no doubt you pose a significant risk of harm to others.”

    Mr Edwards added: “I hope she will be able to draw a line under this, knowing that this person will not be released, probably in her lifetime.”

    Detective Constable Lean Jackson of Greater Manchester Police commented: “He didn’t even have the decency to attend the trial and confront his actions, and instead refused to leave the prison cell when the court had to hear in his absence.

    “I also want to note her courage and strength throughout the investigation and trial, as her determination to achieve this ensured that we were able to get a significant sentence.”

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