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Nadia from Strictly is “torn” from feelings to Kay Widrington

Nadezhda Bychkova has

Nadia Bychkova She is reportedly “breaking up” as her affair with Kay Vidrinton is rumored to be heating up.

Speculation over Strictly The couple’s relationship lasted for months and recently reached a fever when an insider told The Sun that they were kissing during a charity ball

Now a new source has said the pair are like “bees in a pot” with their chemistry reportedly blooming in the spring.

They are so attached that Nadia even feels unhappy when she is not around, they say.

They said good! magazine: “Nadya and Kai are like bees to a honeycomb, they have an incredible appeal and chemistry. They tried to cool down, but they can’t. “

Nadezhda Bychkova has “incredible attraction and chemistry” among romantic rumors

“She’s really unhappy when she’s not with him. No one knows exactly what’s going on because she still has a groom at home.”

As they get closer, Nadia is left to decide whether she wants to move on, and Kai has reportedly been “really patient” while waiting for her to decide.

The source adds: “Her family wants her to make her own decision and be happy. She is really torn apart and she feels guilty.

“She also has a little girl with a groom, which makes it even harder, but she just can’t make a decision.”

Now she is allegedly
Now she is said to be “left with a decision” on what to do

This happens after Kai was caught gets comfortable with a mysterious woman back in February.

After Fr. Strictly come to dance In the show during the tour, the 26-year-old professional dancer was filmed talking to an unknown blonde.

Dressed in a dress with sequins, the mysterious woman looked ultra-glamorous as she stared at the skinny Kay while the couple enjoyed a deep conversation.

The Daily Star asked Nadia Bychkova and Kay Widdington for comment.

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