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A huge network of British pubs raises the price of a pint by 45 retirees

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One of the largest in Britain a network of pubs rises them prices for as much as 45 pensions – leaving some districts to pay £ 4 a pint for the first time.

Marston’s Brewery, which owns six breweries and operates more than 1,500 pubs, is introducing an increase of 20 to 45 retirees.

The current average cost of a pint is £ 3.96 – with the cheapest areas being in the Midlands and in the north, including Leeds (£ 3.83), Coventry (£ 3.86), Sheffield (£ 3.87) and Northampton (3, 91 pounds).

However, more expensive areas have already overcome the barrier: the average price in London is 6 pounds, Edinburgh – 5.10 pounds, Bristol – 4.52 pounds, Liverpool – 4.48 pounds and Birmingham – 4.46 pounds.

In some parts of the Midlands and the North for the first time will pay 4 pounds per pint

A Marston spokesman said: “Rising prices are a direct impact of rising energy prices and operating costs that are being felt by all businesses and households across the country.”

According to the Office for National Statistics, spill ale has experienced the biggest price jump since the start of the record this year, as the average pint price is 6% higher than the dondemic price of £ 3.73.

Industry executives have blamed the closure of their businesses because of Covid-19’s soaring prices.

Marstan Brewery
Marston’s Brewery owns more than 1,500 pubs across the UK

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Nick Anton of Campaign for Real Ale said: “Our pubs have come under significant financial pressure after two years of closures, restrictions and partial closures that are boosting growth.

“Starting with rising electricity bills and rising prices for goods, ending with VAT increases and ending vacations, pub owners are feeling pressure from all sides.

“It will be a very difficult few years for our locals, and we urgently need extra support to help these vital community centers withstand the storm.”

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