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Richard Ryakporhe won by knockout over Deon Juma in the British heavyweight division | Boxing News

 Richard Ryakporhe won by knockout over Deon Juma in the British heavyweight division |  Boxing News

On Saturday, Richard Ryakpore won a stunning victory over British heavyweight opponent Deon Jum at Wembley Arena to keep his unbeaten record.

Ryakporhe scored a knockdown with a heavy right hand in the fourth round before conducting a Juma fight to end the competition with a vicious blow to the body in the eighth.

The victory led Ryakporhe to 14-0 (with 10 knockouts) in his career and keeps the Londoner on his way to the world title, while Juma drops to 14-1 after his first professional defeat.

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Riakpore put Juma on the floor with a hard hit in the fourth round of their heavyweight bout

“I’m so happy we won,” Ryakporhe told Sky Sports. “Great respect to Deon Jume, he brought me a lot of problems and I had to be patient.

“I was mentally prepared for it to be awkward and slippery, but I just needed to be patient and wait for the opportunity.”

The ardent preparation for the competition led to the fact that the skilled left-hander Juma warned his opponent that he had made a mistake while taking the fight, and there were alarming signs for the Riakparha when he struggled to land in the early stages.

Richard Riakporhe v. Dayon Juma
Jumah caused Riakporhe problems during long periods of fighting

The fight seemed to go as Juma had predicted, until the final stage of the fourth, when the Riakporhe struck a significant right-handed blow to his opponent’s floor. Juma barely counted, and he was lucky that by the time the fight resumed, there were just over 10 seconds left until he hung up to hear the bell.

However, anyone who thought Juma’s determination was broken quickly turned out to be wrong as he made a few vicious shots in the fifth and finished the round on the front leg.

There was genuine concern in the corner of Riakpore as coach Angel Fernandez, who also coaches Anthony Joshua, warned him that he would lose the fight if he continued to follow the same path.

Richard Ryakpore celebrates victory over Dayon Juma
Riakporhe celebrates his victory

The sixth and sevenths largely reflected the first rounds, with a few pointy throws, but Juma managed to beat Riakpore to such an extent that he may have come close, despite being knocked down.

However, just as in the fourth, the staggering force of one strike of the Ryakporhe once again turned the fight in his favor. While Juma prepares to repel another blow to the head, Riakpore switched to his unprotected stomach to inflict a burning right hand from which his opponent was unable to recover.

“I received amazing instructions from Angel Fernandez and my team,” Riakpore said of his coach’s strong words during the fight.

Richard Ryakpore knocked out Deon Juma in the eighth round
Ryakporhe finished the fight with a throw in the body in the eighth round

“Sometimes you have to say these things because it gets into the house. We’re on a mission and we want to go somewhere, so I obeyed and just went out and did what I needed to do.”

Riakpore’s victory topped a stunning night of Boxxer Card play at Wembley Arena, while top British prospects Caroline Dubois and Adam Azim had previously scored spectacular first-round victories.

British light heavyweight champion Dan Aziz also kept his unbeaten record by defeating Rhys Cartwright with a stop.

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