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Ukrainian conflict: “Day of Retribution” confronts Putin with evidence of war crimes, says Nadhim Zakhavi | Politics news

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Vladimir Putin and his textbooks are awaiting a “day of reckoning” with evidence of war crimes committed in Ukraine, the cabinet minister said.

Also “absolutely right” were harsh sanctions against Russia must remain in place until the Kremlin withdraws its forces after the “illegal invasion”. Nadhim Zahavi told Sky News.

Russia says Ukrainian city near Polish border was hit by cruise missiles – Live updates about the latest in Ukraine

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“This man cannot stay in power”

And he insisted that the Russian people must decide the fate of “Putin and his friends” after US President Joe Biden says Moscow leader “can’t stay in power”resulting in the White House quickly explaining that it was not calling for regime change.

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Speaking to the Sophy Ridge On Sunday program, Mr Zahavi said: “It is important to remember that there is evidence that war crimes have been committed in Ukraine, targeting civilian areas.

“Deputy Prime Minister (and Minister of Justice) Dominique Raab has worked with the International Criminal Court to make sure this evidence is well documented, well collected so that those who commit war crimes know it will be a day of reckoning.”

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He also supported the position of Foreign Minister Liz Trus that sanctions against Russia cannot be lifted until the withdrawal of troops from Ukraine.

Mr Zakhavi said: “Absolutely right, I think Russia’s illegal invasion should end and the Russian army should leave Ukraine, and it depends on the Ukrainian people, it should be the one who decides what this world looks like.”

He added: “Obviously, the Russian military miscalculated.

“I think that the initial shock and awe of the capture of the whole of Ukraine did not affect them.

“Ukrainians fought like lions, they defended their country.”

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