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“Our plan to restore education is working,” said Nadhim Zahavi

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Education Minister Nadhim Zahavi stressed the government’s plans to restore the education system after the pandemic “works”, as today the government launches its new white book of schools.

Speaking this morning on BBC Radio 4 Today, Zahavi said: “We are doing well in rebuilding primary school, both in literacy and numeracy, we need to do the same in high school.

“It’s about measuring whether we’re doing recovery and whether it’s working.”

When Kay Burley of Sky News pressed whether the UK provides sufficient funding to address Covid-related issues in the education system. Zahavi claimed: “I have £ 5 billion to spend … let me put that money into the system.”

The school white paper focuses on English and mathematics. The government wants 90% of primary school children by 2030 to reach the expected standards in reading, writing and math, as outlined earlier this year in the government’s white paper.

Today, Zahavi promises parents to provide targeted support to any student who lags behind in literacy or numeracy, including offering small classes to students and providing more regular messages to parents about their child’s progress.

Boris Johnson stressed the importance of English and mathematics, describing them as “building blocks of world-class education.

Commenting on the release of the White Paper, the Prime Minister said: “If your child lags behind in school in one of these key subjects, their school will help him get back on track.”

Education Committee Chairman Robert Halfon supported the introduction of parental vows, arguing that the move “will help break down long-standing and often complex barriers that exist to increase attendance.”

Today in the afternoon the Minister of Education will present all the plans of the government in the House of Commons.

Some of the new measures outlined in an official government document on schools include introducing a minimum of 32.5 hours of school week, checking Ofsted each school by 2025 and charging an additional £ 100 million to the Education Fund.

Shadow Education Secretary Bridget Phillipson believes the government’s educational strategy is “smoke and mirrors.

“Today’s ‘promise’ recognizes that 12 years of conservative governments have failed to understand the basics,” Phillipson added.

Kevin Courtney, co-secretary general of NEU, called the school white paper a “wet spray”.

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