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Critics say Cambridge had to “dress up” for the tour

Harry and Kate had to

Sharp critics of Prince William and Kate Middleton argued that they had to “dress up” on their dramatic royal tour last week.

Last week, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were gripped by a storm in the media after anti-monarchist comments by political leaders and protests from angry crowds cast a shadow over their Caribbean tour.

The shortcomings made by the couple included a photo with a “bad angle” in which they show how they interact with the children behind the fence.

Jamaican politician and Miss World 1993 Lisa Hannah seemed to have been brutally refuted by Kate.

Now several commentators have said the couple had to give up designer clothes and “dress up” so as not to offend locals.

Harry and Kate had to “dress up” so as not to offend locals, critics say

Writing in Daily Mailpro-royal columnist Ian Moir saved a few sharp words for Cambridge, first targeting William for adorning himself “in his old regiment’s tropical dress, riding across the field in a jeep with medals on his chest, his wife in a hat next to him and a ceremonial sword in hand ”.

“Dear God, it couldn’t be more colonial if he wore a test helmet and drove a tank through the streets of Kingston,” she added.

Moir also criticized his efforts to combat harm after several PR disasters in a row, saying that “every time he tried to help, he only made matters worse” because he did not emphasize Britain’s role in ending slavery, expressing his “deep sadness” . for the crimes of the British Empire.

Internet users also noted that the choice of clothes influenced their reception during the tour, and one of them responded to the column, writing: “I think they should have dressed a little, especially her. Walking in designer clothes and expensive heels just doesn’t look out of place. right “

Another reasoned, “I think the tone was usually misjudged, looking at them, when they’re dressed on the back of this Land Rover, was something true from the ’50s.”

Others jumped to their defense, and one man commented that “Prince Kate was able to show that she is a true fashion icon” and that her choice of outfit was “irrelevant” to Commonwealth issues.

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