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Three energy tips to save £ 1,100 in bills as prices rise

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The British are preparing for a huge increase in bills from next month.

The energy crisis will lead to new highs of household accounts from April 1.

The average bill will be up to £ 1971 a year as costs rise rapidly.

Fortunately, there are some tips to help save money and you could shave a few thousand along the way.

Some tricks can help you spend about 1110 pounds less on electricity bills, but this varies depending on the size of your family.

Here are some tricks: from turning off the heating timer to giving up the dryer.

Electricity bills are expected to rise next month

Turn off the light – 828 pounds

Even though you’ve just lost an hour of sleep due to switching clocks on Sunday, it’s good for your electricity bills.

Due to the fact that the street is getting brighter, this means that, according to Utility Design, you will be using lanterns less, saving around £ 828 a year.

Just remember, if you don’t need to turn on the lights, be sure to turn them off.

Forget about the dryer – £ 52

Using a tumble dryer in the winter is great, but in the warm season it can be expensive.

If you have a large family that washes three loads a week and puts it in the dryer, you can spend £ 154 a year.

But you can lower that bill and save about £ 52 by giving it up in the warmer months.

Portrait of an adult woman checking electricity bills at home
Rising costs could cripple some Britons

Turn off the heating timer – £ 220

Most households will program the heating to turn on at a certain time of day.

But with the onset of warm weather, now it is not so necessary.

If you start disabling it now, you can save around £ 220.

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