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Emily Attack nearly flashes Celebrity Juice fans on a bike

Emily Attack

Emily Attack almost flashed Celebrity Juice fans cycling during a game that could have gone catastrophically.

The stunning TV star screamed in fear of revealing her intimate places to the nation when trying to cover up.

Last week Celebrity Juice returned with a brand new series starring show host Keith Lehmann and regular panelists Emily and Laura Whitmar.

Emily and Laura returned as team captains on Thursday (March 31st) evening for an action-packed episode full of wild games and savory commentary.

Show host Keith Lehmann told Nick that he needed to transport celebrities by rickshaw outside the show’s studio – in a game called Grimshaw’s Rickshaws.

Emily Attack fears wardrobe malfunction after trying to get on a bike on Celebrity Juice

Nick was seen walking out on the rainy streets and passing locals shouting, “Sorry, I’m only collecting celebrities.”

He then picked up Emily, who was wearing a tiny green mini dress as she waited to get into the vehicle.

Emily tried to climb into the rickshaw, but was soon frightened that she was showing the audience more than they expected.

In a panic, she shouted at Nick, “Cover my vagina!”

Returning to the studio, presenter Keith was mocked when he mocked her, saying, “You’ll see my ham sandwich!”

Emily Attack
ITV star Emily cried out in panic as Nick desperately tried to cover her up

Nick desperately tried to cover Emily during the wardrobe fright as she struggled into the rickshaw.

Teasing Keith shouted, “Cover up, woman!”

After new shouts from Emily, she managed to settle into her seat, but she held on to her dress so as not to expose herself.

Next to them was TV star Vernon Kay, who unfortunately was banging his head against the door when Nick returned to the studio.

Emily Attack
Nick was commissioned to transport celebrities by rickshaw during a game called Grimshaw’s Rickshaws

However, Vernon’s suffering did not end there, because he also had his nose pulled out and a large penis painted on his cheek for all to see.

Explaining the rules of the game, Keith said that Vernon should “just smile and be good” in a game called “Is Vernon good?”

Vernon was even stuffed with a slice of garlic in his nose, but Vernon took it as a professional and did not even flinch.

In a last-ditch attempt to make Vernon shudder, Keith invited DJ Ricky Haywood-Williams to shoot soccer balls at the star, but luckily for Vernon, he missed.

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