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Met with PCSO, arrested for viral video with “masturbation on the bench”.

It is unclear when the video was made

A Met with PCSO police was arrested after a viral video appeared showing him committing a sexual act in broad daylight on a London a bench in the park.

The grim clip has been viewed more than 26,000 times when it was released Twitter last night (March 30), and a public support police officer who is on command of the Metropolitan Traffic and Transport Police is now in custody.

It is unclear when the video was made.

The 33-second clip shows the officer sitting on a bench in a park filled with trees, with his police cap removed and placed next to him.

He checks around to see if there is anyone nearby and then seems to be watching something on his phone, touching his hand to his own genitals, the clip suggests.

A man who was secretly filming PCSO because of some trees later ran into him and was able to get a photo of his badge number.

It is unclear when the video was made

After the confrontation, the embarrassed officer fled the park without saying anything to the man who was filming.

Investigators were able to find the officer after the man behind the video handed over the number of his badge.

A spokesman for the Minsk police said today: “On Thursday, March 31, a man was arrested on suspicion of violating public decency – he remains in custody.

“The detained man is a member of the Police Support Service, which belongs to the Traffic and Transport Police.

“The detention took place after a video circulated on the Internet came to the attention of the police. The investigation is underway. “

Commander Kyle Gordon, who is in charge of managing the Metropolitan’s traffic and transport police, said: “I know everyone will be absolutely shocked by this video.

The man who secretly filmed the PCSO later came across it
The man who secretly filmed the PCSO later came across it

“I am in complete horror and sadness from such incidents, like all decent officers and staff. They contradict everything we stand for.

“I would like to assure everyone that we are working as fast as we can to find out all the circumstances of what happened.

“As soon as we learned about the video shortly before midnight, we acted immediately. Officers worked all night and a police officer was arrested this morning and taken into custody.

“As a criminal investigation is underway, we are limited in what additional details we can discuss. However, we will keep the public informed of important stages of the investigation.”

The investigation is headed by the MET Professional Standards Directorate, and the referral was sent to the Independent Police Behavior Office.

“Well-located source” said MailOnline: “For PCSO to be filmed like it does is very embarrassing, it’s unbelievable. I just can’t understand what he was thinking.

“I’m just glad he’s in custody now – and not a fully guaranteed officer.”

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