Recognized efforts by Northern Ireland to vaccinate the “superman”.

    Recognized efforts by Northern Ireland to vaccinate the

    The head of the vaccination program against COVID-19 NI thanked everyone who participated in the infliction of more than 3.7 million injections.

    Leaving the post 18 months later, Patricia Donnelly noted all those who participated in the vaccination program, including health funds, general practitioners, public pharmacies, and colleagues from the Department of Health, the Health Agency and the Health and Welfare Council. . .

    Patricia Donnelly said: “The vaccination program has required superhuman efforts from all participants. From bringing the vaccine to the right place, making injections at vaccination centers, pharmacies and therapists, or making sure people know where and when to vaccinate.

    “Thank you to the teams of vaccinators, administrative staff and volunteers who have worked tirelessly for the past 18 months. Your commitment and dedication have been really great. It has been a team effort and it has been a great honor to be involved.

    “From the beginning, we knew that every blow mattered, and thanks to you, many lives were saved and far fewer people were seriously ill because of COVID. You should be very proud of the role you played.”

    Addressing the public, Patricia Donnelly said: “Thank you for rolling up your sleeves and helping to protect yourself and those close to this terrible disease. However, we are not yet at the finish line. I have made many appeals to the public over the past 18 months, but I’m sure that I am forgiven for another – please stand out for your injections.

    “It is important that everyone in the 75+ age group and those with severely weakened immune systems show up for the spring regenerator. I would once again urge everyone who is entitled to them to get it without delay. Vaccination clinics are still working in Northern Ireland and people are still claiming boosters as well as first and second doses. It’s not too late to defend. “

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