The daughter of a humanitarian worker beheaded by ISIS is called to an unknown location where his body is


    Daughter a ISIS The beheaded victim is going to Syria to find his remains after a mysterious phone call.

    24-year-old Bethany Haynes, the daughter of British aid worker and ID victim David Haynes, who was beheaded, is going to go to Syria in search of her father’s body.

    Bethany told Mirror that a mysterious man called her and gave on the map the coordinates of where her father’s body was.

    Infamous terrorist Jihadi John, later identified as Mohamed Emwazi, killed his father David during a beheading in 2014.

    Bethany said: “I set out to bring him home for a proper funeral. I will not calm down until that happens. “

    Bethany Haynes travels to Syria to find her father’s remains after a hit

    A year after Mohammed filmed killing David in a propaganda video, he killed himself in a drone attack.

    Bethany, who was only a schoolgirl when her father was killed, now hopes to plan a memorial to her father and others executed by Isis.

    The mother of one child plans to visit Syria to find his body, and believes that the mysterious caller “clearly wanted to help her.”

    The father of two, David, a former RAF engineer born in Holderness, East Yorkshire, was working for a French agency when he was abducted in Syria in March 2013.

    Bethany’s father David was captured and beheaded in 2014 after being held by a four-man terrorist group

    Bethany, who now lives in Scotland, was in Virginia, America this week, watching the trial of 33-year-old El Shafi Elsheikh, one of four ISIS residents whom the hostages called the Beatles because of their British descent. .

    El Shafi was the main executioner involved in David’s murder, and last week Bethany looked him in the eye as he walked to court.

    He is the latest of a gang to face justice, and denies eight charges related to the abduction, detention and death of six American and Japanese aid workers and journalists, as well as David and his British counterpart Alan Henning.

    El Shafi Al Sheikh
    El Shafi Elsheikh was said to have been the chief executioner

    Bethany said she wanted her father’s killers to “hang on a tree.”

    She said: “If it had been up to me, these people would have been sentenced to death, but because of the extradition agreement this cannot be. I was shown a high-security prison to which they would probably be sent.

    “I’m happy they’ll have a corresponding horror time.”

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