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Chloe Jasmine from X Factor now – turning into a love split

The couple had a stormy affair

Singer Chloe Jasmine left her mark on the nation when she appeared on the ITV singing program, X-factg in 2014.

The model, who surprised the judges with her eccentric style and grim voice, attracted attention when she performed “Why Don’t You Do Right?” in her listening arena.

Led by singer Girls Aloud Cheryl at that time the star made its way to the judges and eventually to the live final.

However, live her time on the X Factor has become quite difficult.

In the first week Chloe sang her version of Toxic Britney Spears and was saved by the public.

But in the second week, things got worse when the blonde beauty with an injured leg performed the song Fame by Irene Kara.

Chloe received the fewest votes and ended up in the last two places along with the boy band Stereo Kicks.

Only Cheryl decided to keep her performance, and three other judges decided to save Stereo Kicks, which means she finished in thirteenth place.

But after her work at X Factor many fans wondered where she is now. The Daily Star looked on.

Relationship with Stevie Richie

Stevie and Chloe had a stormy affair

Although Chloe did not succeed on the ITV show, she seemed to have found love with another contestant, Stevie Richie.

The couple struck up a relationship that at first seemed to go pretty well.

However, Chloe was later forced to refute allegations that she had betrayed her now ex-boyfriend Stevie, while the couple had to contend with rumors of a “showman”.

Soon the couple in love quickly got engaged, but their relationship was not, and in 2016 they pulled time for their romance.

Speaking of the split, Stevie had previously said, “I still love [Chloe] and we are still talking.

“My heart was torn to pieces. Now I will focus on myself and my daughter. I wish her all the best – she is a beautiful girl.”

It was also reported that the couple tried to do everything again a few years later.

Big brother celebrity

The former couple appeared in the series Celebrity Big Brother
The former couple appeared in the series Celebrity Big Brother

Although Chloe lasted only a few weeks on The X Factor, Chloe’s personality and eccentric style ensured that she hit the celebrity version of Big Brother’s house in 2015.

Chloe appeared on the show along with Richie when they took part in a challenging show on Channel 5 of the sixteenth series.

Starring alongside Katie Hopkins and Perez Hilton, the couple took a respectable fifth place on the show.

However, some sources claimed that the close confinement of the famous house contributed to the breakup of Chloe and Stevie, if they parted soon after.

Transformation of red hair

Chloe seems to have given up her famous blonde hair look
Chloe seems to have given up her famous blonde hair look

Chloe was known for her short bleach blondes during appearances on The X Factor and Celebrity Big Brother, however she seems to have given up on her famous look.

Last November, Chloe went to Instagram to give the redhead a look.

Raising the storm, the star stunned his fans by signing his post: “When your colleagues twist Rudolf’s hair.”

Seeing her new image on their screens, fans quickly rushed to the comments section to share their views on her new style while praising her sharp look.

One person wrote, “I love this color .. it suits you.”

Another wrote, “Oh, you’re such an incredibly beautiful Chloe. I’m sure you hear it always, but hope you know it, love your hair!”

The third shared: “OMG CJ, you can be more gorgeous! Your hair is such a gorgeous color.”

Other classes

Chloe is fond of photography and modeling
Chloe is fond of photography and modeling

Before Chloe appeared on The X Factor, she starred in the 2013 Sky Living The Face model show.

And from the look of her Instagram account, which currently has 20.8 thousand subscribers, the star has continued her career in the modeling world, as she previously shared with fans images of her latest photos and events on the catwalk.

She also loves photography and often shares it online.

The Daily Star also realizes that she is still interested in music and still creates her own songs and produces along with it.

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