David Ginola refuses to pick the top four and “gets up to leave”

    David Ginola refuses to pick the top four and

    David Ginola declined to participate after being asked to give the top four predictions Premier Leagueeven jokingly getting up to leave.

    The Premier League watched two of their former teams on Sunday night in north London Tottenham completely broken Newcastle 5-1. Ben Davis, Matt Doherty, Hin-min Son, Emerson Royal and Stephen Bergwine scored after Fabian Shar brought the visitors ahead.

    The Spurs have been in great shape in recent weeks, including a 5-0 defeat Everton and a 4-0 victory Leeds United. It helped them overcome Arsenal in the top four, at least for a moment when they take over Crystal Palace on Monday night.

    This keeps the race for a place in the top four as always Manchester United and Chelsea dropped points on Leicester and Brantford. While the Blues may have previously considered themselves favorites, their shock defeat by the Bees with a score of 4-1 shook at Stamford Bridge.

    However, Ginola was afraid to predict who would get into the top four after Sky Sports presenter David Jones urged him to call. Graham Sunes weighed in as they cheerfully poked a Premier League legend.

    “Super Sunday doesn’t work right,” Sunes said as Jones laughed in the background. “We push you! I’ll tell you how it works.

    Who will take the final positions between 3rd and 8th places this season? Let us know in comments section.

    Graham Suness tried to help David Ginola

    “He traps you, the problem is that you talk about it on TV. And then in a couple of weeks will show somewhere on one of the channels and embarrass us! And so it turns out.

    Ginola also joined the act after weighing himself and said, “So I’ll be back in two weeks? Okay. See you!”

    Without European or cup football, Antonio Conte is fully focused on the Premier League and then Tottenham will meet Aston Villa. In recent weeks, Steven Gerard’s team has experienced difficulties, and over the weekend was beaten by the Wolves.

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