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The 63-year-old grandmother of Superfit, who is mistaken for her granddaughter’s sister, shares a diet

Leslie shares her training tips

The 60-year-old grandmother, who is very good, explained how she manages to eat more calories by breaking down her metabolism.

63-year-old Leslie Maxwell from Melbourne, Australia, claims that she attracts to the gym “18-year-old grooms” because of her toned physique.

The personal trainer has an army of fans on Instagram where she shares photos and videos to showcase her workouts.

An 8-year-old grandmother who goes to the gym with her granddaughter Tia, 20, claims people say the couple more like “sisters”.

And she recently explained how she managed to stay slim on Instagram.

Leslie claimed that she managed to burn more calories day and night thanks to exercise.

Leslie shares her training tips

She shared a photo in which she is dressed in a bright coral top and sports leggings.

Leslie’s long blond hair flowed freely around her face as she stared ahead of the camera.

She held two heavy weights and bent her outstretched arms with a dumbbell stand behind her.

Leslie signed the photo: “Increasing muscle tissue (muscle) actually helps us burn more calories during the day … even when you’re relaxing!

“Our metabolism remains elevated for hours after weight training.”:

In the comments, fans of the grandmother were impressed by her appearance.

Leslie claims she often goes to the gym
Leslie claims she often goes to the gym

One man wrote, “Such a beautiful Leslie.”

While another added, “Looks incredible.”

And the third commented: “She looks so beautiful and strong – a sexy woman with such a hot muscular body.”

Leslie had previously claimed she never had missed the gym on Mondays because it makes her continue to train for a week.

She said: “Never miss a workout on Monday!

“Obviously, training at the beginning of the week provides an opportunity for future training.

“And it feels great too.”

What is your workout secret? Tell us in the comments…

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