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The girl drowned after her mother “kidnapped her and drove the car into the pond”

Cabrera undergoes a mental health assessment before being sued

A five-year-old girl drowned tragically after her mother kidnapped her and drove to a pond closed in a car.

32-year-old Pamela Teresa Cabrera chased the police for 30 miles with daughter Vanity in her car in North Jacksonville, Florida, on Thursday night.

Sometimes vehicles reached speeds of 90 miles per hour, and the speed chase ended with Cabrera crashing into a pond.

Police managed to pull Mom out of the water but could not find Vanita. As a result, a team of divers found the child dead at the bottom of the pond.

Cabrera, who was allegedly armed by Fr. knifehas now been arrested on several charges of murder, murder by car and fleeing or attempting to flee from law enforcement.

The incident began with police receiving a report of abduction. Cabrera fled when officers approached her car at a traffic light.

Cabrera undergoes a mental health assessment before being sued

The mother suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and actually lost custody of her daughter in 2020.

She is currently undergoing a mental health assessment at Jacksonville Jail, her charges set for April 21.

Salange Slacker, Cabrery’s cousin and guardian of Venity, said the mother suffered.

She told The first news of the coast: “Pamela was not a bad person. She just needed help and she didn’t get the help she needed from the government. She was not a bad person.

“We tried many times to seek help and many times called the police to help her, we took her to a psychologist, and Pamela just needed help.”

Slacker added that the situation had worsened recently when Cabrera became pregnant and stopped taking the medication.

According to the testimony she saw The first news of the coastshe was “normal and functioning” with her medication, however without them she would have lost track of time and not slept.

Maria Ortiz, Cabrera’s mother, added that the 32-year-old girl was “lost” without a daughter, explaining that she was in the process of obtaining a power of attorney for Cabrera when she was “not in the right state of mind.”

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