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The Prime Minister should not resign if he is fined “party gate”, the minister said

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The government minister said this morning that the prime minister should not resign if he is fined for attending rallies that oppose the closure.

His remarks were made after yesterday reports from Guardian newspaper that employees who attended a party on Downing Street on the eve of Prince Philip’s funeral were issued fixed notices of fines.

Welsh Minister Simon Hart told Sky News today that his constituents had told him that “they want repentance and they want an apology, but they don’t want a resignation”.

Hinting at the war in Ukraine, he said: “I actually think that at the moment … the idea that it would be appropriate in the middle of this six-week competition for indulgence in leadership, I honestly don’t think it’s also very reasonable .

He continued: “As I said before, we all accept opinions that we have time to reflect on and want us to do differently. I think for me personally, I think the world has moved a considerable distance.

“I trust the opinion of the people who elected me, saying look, fix this problem, make sure you apologize that you acted inadequately at the time, but the opinion that every politician or every journalist, when asked, is doing the wrong thing opinion on the road should be dismissed automatically – that’s not what I subscribe to. ”

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